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Mentoring Internships provides your Company with tools to launch and thereafter operate your program. While we focus on serving companies with hundreds of employees per location, our system can be used by start-ups with a handful of employees.

Your Mentoring Internship program can operate year-round (fall, spring and summer semesters). It engages employees in virtually any department (e.g., accounting, finance, communications, operations, HR, etc.) in which students can handle projects as long as they are willing to serve as mentors. It’s built to be cost-effective and self-sustainable: after the first cycle the company can use it in subsequent semesters, without necessarily engaging any outside consultants. (Our founder, Dr. Cahn, has been operating such programs for various employers (public and private companies, non-profits and government agencies) serving 600+ interns to date.

Once a Company commits to the program, a Coordinator (often Chief Human Resources Officer or a Department head who wants it) takes responsibility for overall implementation, including recruitment, of Mentors and interns, launch of each cycle, and overall monitoring and evaluation. The Coordinator recruits mentors and students to work together during each semester/cycle. Interns are selected to provide cost-effective labor a certain minimum number of hours per week. Mentors supervise interns’ work and spend a few extra minutes providing insightful career-related guidance. Evaluations take place mid-cycle and at the end and focus on continuous improvement. Remember, the goal is to operate a high ROI Mentoring Internship program that serves the company, coordinator, mentors and students

The Process

Mentoring Internship Programs include an online manual (WIKI with FAQs), a community forum for Program Coordinators and Mentors to share technical information and social support with evaluation instruments. With them you are able to:

  • Recruit appropriate employees as Supervisors and Mentors
  • Recruit appropriate students as interns
  • Launch the Program’s first cycle with an orientation that sets expectations, matches mentor-mentees, facilitates interns ability to learn about other parts of the company, for better career decision making
  • Monitor progress at the cycle’s mid-term, in order to make adjustments
  • Evaluate the program at the end of the semester/cycle to assess ROI and identify improvements for the next cycle

Additional Consulting Services are available to help you:

  • Outsource the “Supervising Mentor” role for the Coordinator
  • Analyze the results of the evaluations and recommend improvements
  • Provide special-topic educational programs (e.g webinars, ) for program participants (using the resources of the Presentation Excellence Group)

Getting Started

To offer a Mentoring Internship Program, complete the Get a Quote Application. We’ll get back to you to discuss your goals and how to tailor a cost-effective, high ROI program!

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