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Founder and Executive Director

Leadership, Organizational Expert and Mentor (600+) Interns

Fran Marmer


Former VP of Human Resources for a Global Trade Association

Priya Singh


Leadership Development Executive Coach and Trainer

Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D., serves as Executive Director, and is supported by a team of advisors and who previously were Program Coordinators, Mentors and interns. Each year additional advisors provide fresh insight so we can help companies offer Mentoring Internships to students and adults of all ages. 

Early in his career, Jerry chose to help proactive “professionals” create limitless leadership, lives and legacy. He trained as a psychologist and attorney in order to understand the needs of people and systems, while simultaneously seeking innovative solutions to their challenges.

He has applied his skills and expertise for every sector of the economy: i.e., private companies, public corporations, and non-profits, Capitol Hill and governmental agencies. He has taught at universities in New York, Washington DC, and Shanghai. Courses include psychology, aging, entrepreneurship, marketing, negotiations, etc. He is a sought-after speaker on topics ranging from how to “Age Brilliantly”,
Mentoring Internship, transformative leadership, time mastery, creativity and innovation.

He began offering mentoring internships during his first full-time job, as a way to launch a series of research activities while giving the students an opportunity to learn about public health. Since then, he serviced 650+ global interns of all ages. He also launched mentoring programs for organizations committed to helping new recruits grow faster and identify career paths. (The greatest success is when
former Mentees volunteer to become the next cohort of Mentors!) 

Today, he is involved with three endeavors in addition to mentoring Internships: 

o, an interactional platform for adults of all ages who want to lead long, fulfilling, lives to 100+. 

o Vistage Worldwide, a leadership development organization that serves 26,000 successful CEOs; he chairs CEO Boards in NYC .. 

o Presentation Excellence, a training, coaching and consulting firm, where he leverages decades of presentation-graphics experience so presenters can win mission-critical deals.

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