Why Mentoring Internships

 If your company is not part of the solution, it’s part of the problem.

In the United States, youth unemployment is double that of adults. Studies by McKinsey, Accenture, etc., report that half of college graduates take jobs below their skills levels. Why? Because they’re ” career-disadvantaged “: they have little information about future careers to pursue and experience in those workplaces. Getting such insights while still in school would enable them to make better career decisions. Worldwide, for this and other reasons, youth unemployment is even worse. Remember, this waste of human potential affects everyone- you, your company, your employees and society in general.

As Wharton Professor Cappelli concluded in

Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs, companies need to take the lead – and not rely on schools, government, etc. Mentoring Internship programs make it relatively easy and inexpensive for your company to do so by tapping many employees’ (especially parents’) natural desire to help young people grow and make a difference in the world.

Your company benefits when it gives students the chance to work for you and learn about themselves, careers, and workplaces:

  • Departments/companies use less-expensive labor to get projects completed
  • Employee/mentors, get to practice management/supervision skills
  • Mentors gain the satisfaction of knowing they’ve helped young people get valuable experiences
  • Companies identify potential future recruits who will fit into their company in the future
  • Corporate brands elevate their brand image among young people and the community.

Most students don’t get real-world job/career experiences while in high school and college. Yet they want such experiences! One study of college student interns found that 68% would accept less pay for more experience!


Mentoring Internships allow students to engage in productive, meaningful work under the direction of supervisor/mentors who take a few extra minutes to help the students understand the Why, What, and How about projects on which they work. With such extra information and support, interns learn about their strengths/weaknesses and career preferences, as well as corporate strategy and culture teamwork, office communications. Armed with these insights while still in school, they can make better to educational-career decisions.

Mentoring Internship programs use a high ROI, self-sustainable system which a Program Coordinator manages on behalf of the company. Almost any department which has projects which students can perform, can engage students during the fall, spring and summer semesters! Employees/mentors supervise the students’ work and donate a few extra minutes to teach the students about the work and the company, and share career-related insights to help them.

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